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Audiophile Foundation Educational Initiative





Mission: To provide educational opportunities to the AF members and the public about acoustic and electronic music reproduction equipment. These include classes, lectures, and hands-on workshops for the design, construction, maintenance and repair or upgrade of music reproduction equipment.  

Elements of The AF Educational Initiative:

  • Lectures and presentations would include topics by experts in their field including persons such as John Curl for amplifier design and Andrew Jones for speaker design.
  • Introductory classes entail the following:

o  Basic soldering and prototyping

o  Routine maintenance, tube biasing, tube testing

o  Description and function of the main components of electronic equipment

  • Advanced classes would cover:

o  Advanced design of tube and transistor circuits

o  Using lab equipment such as multimeters, scopes and signal generators

o  Troubleshooting and Repair

o  DIY workshops (tube amp/preamp, phono stage, speakers, digital)


  • Currently we have in-person venues available in San Jose, Alameda and Orinda
  • Virtual classes and presentations will be incorporated for the benefit of our wide membership outside the Bay Area

Educational Initiative Committee (reports to the AF Board of Directors):

  • The committee includes two principal members. Additional consultants will be invited to add their insight on specific topics of their expertise.
  • Scheduling of classes and presentations will be coordinated with the Events Director, Jim Bird
  • Principal members

o  Ori M-S

o  Jim Hunton